Speaking Reviews

"Andy's speaking is relevant to today's issues. He uses real life experiences as illustrations. He is entertaining and always brings his energetic and contagious personality to his speaking. You can't help but walk away with a smile on your face and a positive outlook on life. I highly recommend attending his speaking engagements!"  -Katie H.

"Andy is a witty and knowledgeable speaker. His charisma is contagious. I always enjoy learning from him."  -Lynora R.

"Andy kerr has the energy and the right amount of humor for any speaking engagement."  -Dan Q

Training Reviews

"In the 20+ years that I have known Andy I have found him to have an unwavering passion to help people find their purpose, reach their desired goals and establish contacts which assist in achieving their God given potential. On several occasions Andy's words and expertise have facilitated my own personal success in business and in life. Andy has a true heart for people and he continues to go above and beyond in his service to others."  -Nikki K.

"I've known Andy Kerr for over a decade and the most potent instrument in his communication toolbox is that he practices what he preaches. His life and the messages he deliver line up. Andy's authenticity allows him to relate to people on many levels across many walks of life, and he genuinely wants the best for everyone he meets."  -Gabe D.

"Andy is the type of person who exudes confidence, enthusiasm, and passion in which within a few minutes of speaking with him, you see and hear those qualities come forward. He has a knack for setting a room at ease and letting everyone know he is your friend. However, Andy is not all business. He has an extraordinary ability to mix laughter with serious topics, and truly delivers the point in an easy to understand way."  -Will L.


Coaching Reviews

"Andy Kerr is amazing. I look forward to every meeting we have, and I appreciate his advice and coaching as they've helped me move mountains in my personal as well as professional life. I've learned so much from him. He's an inspiration. He's kind, wise, thoughtful, respectful, and maintains the utmost integrity. I would recommend Andy to anyone."  -Robert K.

"When you've hit a stopping point in life, and we all do at some point, you need someone who can help you navigate out of it and steer toward success. Andy has been a long-time personal friend and colleague and I cannot recommend him enough! Start dreaming big, and ask Andy to come along side you - and help you get to where you're supposed to go!"  -Jessica L.

"Andy has a real gift and talent for helping people become the best version of themselves. He really helps you discover your purpose and how to reach your goals. Andy genuinely and authentically cares for the people he is coaching. I would highly recommend Andy Kerr Coaching."  -David L.